Ex German Army Diesel T25 8-Man VW Bus.

Up for auction is this great soldier carrier, originally starting its life in the German army. This bus has just recently come into civiliam possession and was up until now extremely well maintained on a regular basis by the German army.

Technical Details
Engine Size 1,570 cc
Power 37 KW
Fuel Diesel
Fuel consumption 35m/g (8l/100km)
Mileage (km) 49k (79k km)
Year of Registration 07 Nov 1985
Colour Green Camo
MOT Expiration Date Nov 2006
Steering Left-Hand Drive
Mechanical Condition
The engine is stong considering its a 1600cc Water cooled Diesel. Can travel upto 110km/h (65m/h). Gears all in working order. Clutch fine. Brakes without any problems whatsoever. Tyres are all 100%, virtually new.
Exterior Condition
As this is an ex army vehicle the paint is matt, i.e. no deep high gloss shine. The paint is in good condition with a few areas needing slight attention(the photos show the VW after being washed, the water stains dry to leave no marks). No large areas of rust and definately no holes. The chasis is without corrosion.
Interior Condition / Description
There are two rows of bench seats in the back, in decent condition. Two seats in the front making this VW capable of carrying nine men. There are two riffle holders in between the front seats. Head lining throughout is in good condition. General condition is as to be expected from a well maintained army vehicle.

I am a serious seller! If you are not a serious bidder/buyer save yourself time and money. If you want to bid on my camper bear in mind that this is an auction to buy and not to view.

Terms of Devlivery...
Option1: I will personally deliver this VW to you. You would have to pay a deposit of 30% of the final value into my UK bank account along with shipping costs, petrol costs and my flight cost. After contacting a few shippers I have been quoted around $1200 to have the VW shipped from the UK to a number of ports around the US.

Option2: Pay the full final value amount plus the $1200 shipping cost into my UK account and I will deliver the VW to the UK port and make all of the arrangements for it to be shipped to a convienient port in the US ready for you to receive. By choosing this option you will save the cost of my flight to the US, maybe as much as $500.

If the final value exceeds $8000 then I will cover the shipping cost to the US. As part of my conditions a deposit needs to be received within 5days of the auction ending. Due to people making silly bids and destroying the auction this auction will end 1hour before the stated time.

Please do not hesitate to either call me, ++ 44 7906405685, or email me if you have further questions. Also have a look at my website


Thanks for looking and Happy bidding!

The VIN number for this vehicle is WV2ZZZ25ZGH041306 and not as written above.